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Social Media Has Scorching Impact On Small Biz by Forbes

54% of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) were using social media to promote their businesses as of September 2010, double the number using these sites in December 2009. And it’s working for them: 60% credit social media with positively impacting their businesses, 46% said their company’s brand awareness has increased and 36% have attracted new business as a result of their social media efforts. LinkedIn is the most popular site, with 73% of small businesses using it, followed by Facebook at 64%, and Twitter, used by 63% of respondents.


* 75 percent of Brand ‘Likes’ on Facebook come from advertisements. (Mashable)

* More than 250 million people use Facebook Connect every month. (Facebook)

* College-aged (18-24) made up the fastest growing segment of users on Facebook in 2010. (

* Chicago was the fastest growing city on Facebook in terms of usage in 2010 (Houston was a close second). (

* During the average 20-minute period in 2010, there were: 1,5870,000 wall posts, 2,716,000 photos uploaded and 10,208,000 comments posted. (



* Since April, Twitter has gained 40 million users and a 62 percent increase in mobile use of the platform (Source: ClickZ)

* From December 2009 to December 2010, users with a biography listed on Twitter increased from 31 percent to 69 percent. (Pew)

* Friday at 4 p.m. ET: The most retweetable day/time of the week. (via Dan Zarella and HubSpot)


* The average American Internet user watches 30 minutes of video online per day [40 percent increase over 2009] (comScore) Compared to 5 hours of television per day

* 22 percent of Fortune 500 companies now have a public-facing blog that has at least one post in the past 12 months (comScore)

* 4 percent of adults on the Internet use location-based services (Pew Internet Research)

* Social networking site usage grew 88 percent among Internet users aged 55-64 between April 2009 and May 2010 (Pew Research)

* In 2009, social gamers bought $2.2 billion in virtual goods; Predicted to increase to $6 billion by 2013. (NPD Group)

* 75 percent: The percentage of U.S. iPad users that are interested in seeing videos within magazine ads on their iPad. (eMarketer via David Erickson)

* The change in social media use among Baby Boomers 55-64 rose from 9% in Dec. 2008 to 43% in Dec. 2010 ( via David Erickson)

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